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To figure out the list price for your Jarlin kitchen or bathroom cabinetry, measure your kitchen and then use the (PLEASE CLICK JARLIN PRODUCT CATALOG) to determine what cabinets are needed. Once you have your cabinet list and once you’ve made note of the two letter model number for the door style you’ve chosen (i.e., Dove White Shaker is DS), please use the (PLEASE CLICK JARLIN PRICE LIST) to find out approximately what your new kitchen will cost.

Using the Dove White Shaker (DS) door style as an example, the standard 10 x 10 kitchen below would be priced as follows:

Cabinets in Standard 10 X 10 Kitchen

The following are a list of cabinets that are found in a standard 10 x 10 kitchen:

W1830 (Wall): $202.52

W3030 (Wall): $294.12

WDC2430 (Wall Diagonal Corner): $303.25

W1230 (Wall): $151.07

W3015 (Wall): $176.80

W1830 (Wall): $202.52

W3612  (Wall): $208.94

B24 (Base): $302.44

SB36 (Sink Base): $413.72

BLS36N (Base Lazy Susan with Shelf):$559.68

B18 (Base): $242.15

TK8 (Toe Kick x 2): $41.97

Total Cost: $3,100.25

Sale: 35% Discount (*Ends June 16): ($1085.09)


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